Upgrading Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC Extensions (Essential JS2)

24 Feb 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion publishes the Visual Studio extension in the Visual Studio marketplace for every Syncfusion Volume releases, with exciting new features and Service Pack release with major bug fixes in the volume releases.

You can upgrade to our latest version from any installed Syncfusion version.

Upgrading to the latest version

  1. In Visual Studio go to Extensions -> Manage Extensions -> Updates and find the Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC extension.

    In Visual Studio 2017 or lower, go to Tools -> Extensions and Updates.

  2. Then, click on the Update button to update the extension.

    Update ASP.NET MVC Extensions

  3. Now close the Visual Studio and click on the Modify button in VSIX installer dialog.

    Update ASP.NET MVC Extensions