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A hyperlink can be insert into the editor for quick access to the related information. The hyperlink itself can be a text or an image.

Point the cursor anywhere within the editor where you would like to insert the link. It is also possible to select a text or an image within the editor and can be converted to the hyperlink. Click the Insert HyperLink tool on the toolbar. The Insert Link Dialog will be open. The dialog has the following options.

Options Description
Web Address Type or paste the destination for the link you are creating
Display Text Type or edit the required text that you want to display text for the link
Tooltip To display additional helpful information when you place the pointer on the hyperlink, type the required text in the “Tooltip” field.
Open Link in New Window Specify whether, the given link will be open in new window or not
@Html.EJS().RichTextEditor("link").ToolbarSettings(e => e.Items((object)ViewBag.items)).Value((string)ViewBag.value).Render()

The RichTextEditor link tool validates URLs, as you type them in Web Address. URLs considered invalid will be highlighted with red color by clicking the insert button in the Insert Link dialog.

If you want to remove a hyperlink from a text or image, select the text or image with the hyperlink and click “Remove Hyperlink” tool from toolbar. It will keep the text or image.

When you type URL and Enter key to the RichTextEditor, the typed URL will be automatically changed into the hyperlink.


It is possible to add custom style on the selected link inside the RichTextEditor through quick toolbar.

The quick toolbar for the Link has the following options.

Tools Description
Open The given link page, will be open in new window.
Edit Link Used to edit the link in the RichTextEditor content.
Remove Link Used to remove link from the content of RichTextEditor.
Custom Tool Used to add the custom options in the quick toolbar.
@Html.EJS().RichTextEditor("link").ToolbarSettings(e => e.Items((object)ViewBag.items)).Value((string)ViewBag.value).Render()