Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

Breaking Changes

The below API types are corrected from 16.2.41 version of Essential JS 2.

Components Properties Old Type New type
Maps ColorMapping object List
  HighlightSettings object MapsHighlightSettings
  SelectionSettings object MapsSelectionSettings
  TooltipSettings object MapsTooltipSettings
  DataLabelSettings object MapsDataLabelSettings
  ShapeSettings object MapsShapeSettings
  ShapeBorder object MapsBorder
  TextStyle object MapsFont
  Title object MapsCommonTitleSettings
  TitleStyle object MapsFont
  Margin object MapsMargin
  ArrowSettings object ArrowSettings
  SubtitleSettings object MapsSubTitleSettings
Schedule fields object ScheduleField
  views List object
Lineargauge Font object LinearGaugeFont
  LableStyle object LinearGaugeLabel
  Line object LinearGaugeLine
  MajorTicks object LinearGaugeTick
  MinorTicks object LinearGaugeTick
  Border object LinearGaugeBorder
  Container object LinearGaugeContainer
  Margin object LinearGaugeMargin
  TitleStyle object LinearGaugeFont
  ToolTip object LinearGaugeTooltipSettings
Circulargauge TitleStyle object CircularGaugeFont
  ToolTip object CircularGaugeTooltipSettings
  Border object CircularGaugeBorder
  Animation object CircularGaugeAnimation
  Cap object CircularGaugeCap
  NeedleTail object CircularGaugeNeedleTail
AccumulationChart Annotations List List
  Series List List
  Border AccumulationChartBorde object
  DataLabel object AccumulationDataLabelSettings
  EmptyPointSettings object AccumulationChartEmptyPointSettings
Chart X object string
  End object string
  Start object string
  Animation object ChartAnimation
  CornerRadius object ChartCornerRadius
  EmptyPointSettings object ChartEmptyPointSettings
  ErrorBar object ChartErrorBarSettings
  Marker object ChartMarkerSettings
  Border ChartBorder object
  TitleStyle ChartFont object
  ChartArea ChartChartArea ChartArea
Accordion Effect object string
  Collapse AccordionAccordionActionSettings object
  Expand AccordionAccordionActionSettings object
ContextMenu AnimationSettings object ContextMenuMenuAnimationSettings
Sidebar Change object string
  Close object string
  Destroyed object string
  Open object string
Tab Effect object string
  Previous TabTabActionSettings object
  Next TabTabActionSettings object
ListView namespace changed ListView Lists
Tooltip IsSticky object bool
Calendar FirstDayOfWeek double int
DatePicker FirstDayOfWeek double int
  FloatLabelType object Syncfusion.EJ2.Inputs.FloatLabelType
  ZIndex double int
DateRangePicker ZIndex double int
DatetimePicker FirstDayOfWeek double int
  FloatLabelType object Syncfusion.EJ2.Inputs.FloatLabelType
  ZIndex double int
Autocomplete FloatLabelType object Syncfusion.EJ2.Inputs.FloatLabelType
combobox FloatLabelType object Syncfusion.EJ2.Inputs.FloatLabelType
dropdownlist FloatLabelType object Syncfusion.EJ2.Inputs.FloatLabelType
MultiSelect Value object string[]
Toolbar Template string object
Treeview Expand TreeViewActionSettings object
  Collapse TreeViewActionSettings object