Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

January 18, 2022

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #SF-360337- Exception is thrown while downloading the empty list box field is now resolved.
  • #SF-360635,#SF-361422,#SF-361359- Now, the form field is hidden properly when setting the visible property to hidden.
  • #SF-358375- Now, the PDF document loaded properly in the PDF Viewer when you set the size limit for the memory cache.
  • #SF-359388- Now, the form fields position is correct for a rotated PDF document.
  • #SF-354638- Now, the free text annotation is not hidden when clicking outside of the free text annotation.
  • #SF-360405- Now, the Free text annotations and ink annotations are rendered properly in the lower zoom factors.
  • #F171647- Now, the annotationAdd event is triggered after adding the sticky notes annotation in the annotation collection.
  • #SF-361639- The Script error will no longer be thrown when loading the form-fields document without injecting the form field module.
  • #SF-362311- Now, the Move cursor is not showing above the custom stamp while the custom stamp annotation is selected.
  • #SF-359233- The hidden issue of free text characters is now resolved.
  • #SF-363626- The Script error will no longer be thrown while loading a PDF document when the enableHyperlink is set to false.
  • #SF-363055- Now, the free text becomes edited properly while clicking the selector.
  • #SF-363411- Now, the free text position on a downloaded document is accurate on the Chrome browser.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • #I359726, #I354750 - When using the virtual scrolling feature, the pivot table can now be exported properly to Excel and CSV formats.
  • Even the value fields starts with the same unique name, the Pivot Table values are now properly displayed.
  • #I363972 - With the toolbar UI, the Pivot Chart is now refreshed properly while performing checkbox selection in the chart menu.