Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

August 24, 2021

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I335857 - Resolved the after spacing preservation issue in copy paste.
  • #I335107 - Resolved the table rendering issue.
  • #I336632 - Resolved the next style hierarchy issue.
  • #I334046 - Optimized the spell check by page service call in optimized spell check mode.
  • #I330165, #I327647, #I324515, #I338278 - Resolved the issues in comment delete and history operation.
  • #I336315 - Resolved the tab issue for the text with floating table.
  • #I319206 - Resolved issue with horizontal line shape rendering.
  • #F167416 - Line spacing is now preserved properly in server side export.
  • #I337720 - Resolved the localization in Document Editor.
  • #I335145, #I337499 - Resolved the text measuring issue when HTML and Body tag contains styles.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #F168163 - The download file name is now set properly in the PDF Viewer.