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Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

August 11, 2021


Dashboard Layout

  • #I306072 - The Floating issue in Dashboard Layout when the scroll bar is in the middle of the page has been resolved.

Document Editor

  • #I334754, #F167429 - Resolved the localization issue.
  • #I333264 - Resolved the before spacing issue for the paragraph starting in new page.
  • #I333226 - Resolved the underline issue.
  • #I332508 - Resolved the tracking of multiline tracking and empty paragraph revision.
  • #I335858, #F148494 - Resolved the script error in component destroy.
  • #F166420 - Resolved the SFDT exporting issue with shape.
  • #I332253 - Resolved the cut paste hyperlink with track changes enabled.
  • #I335409 - Resolved user list updating issue in restrict editing pane.
  • #I328976 - Table and document content is not layouted properly.
  • #I331333 - Resolved the page unresponsive issue in splitting the nested tables.
  • #I331763 - Resolve the shifting issue in the table with table positioning property on relayouting
  • #I330233 - Resolved the extra page adding issue when using update field.
  • #I329790, #I331351 - Table is now layouted based on compatibility mode.
  • #I332483 - Resolved the issue on bookmark shifting while removing document content.
  • #I331762 - Table with merged cell is now layouted properly.
  • #I330485 - Ole picture is now preserved as normal picture.
  • #I330776 - Resolved the casing issue in the generated suggestions.
  • #I330982 - Resolved the unexpected characters when pasting using Java server-side library.
  • #I325741 - Resolved the footnote layouting issue when opening a document.
  • #I331634 - Resolved the issue on updating the table cell width.
  • #I331274 - Table positioning property is now preserved properly.
  • #I331667 - Document with BuildingBlockGallery content control type is now exported properly.
  • #I331452 - Resolved the layout issue on footnote inside the table.
  • #I331606 - Document with content control block saving issue is now exported properly.
  • #I331667, #I332223 - Shape in footer is now preserved properly.
  • #I330686, #I331349, #I310463 - Shape fill is now preserved properly.
  • #I332333 - Zoom value is now updated properly in status bar.
  • #I330165, #I327647, #I324515 - Resolved the worst case scenario issues in comment editing and deleting.
  • #I319210 - The changes and comment tab in the review pane will be visible only if at least one tracked change or comment is present respectively in the document.
  • #I256210,#F150773,#I295055,#I295551,#I324037,#I326715 - Added support for keep with next and keep lines together.
  • #F167371 - The performance issue that occurred when destroying the Dropdown Tree with a huge data source and CheckBox support has been resolved.


  • #F167149 - The issue with “Multiple requests are made to the controller when using remote data source with template support in the ListView component” has been resolved.

Pivot Table

  • #I337487 - Now the field’s caption can be changed dynamically using the value field settings pop-up.
  • #F167449 - Now the fields panel has been refreshed properly with toolbar UI.


  • #I337237 - Resolved the performance issue that occurred when removing more than 500 nodes from the TreeView using multiple selection.

Visual Studio Extensions

  • Provided the ASP.NET MVC project template, scaffolding, and conversion and migration support for Visual Studio 2022.