Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

April 20, 2021

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I319397 - Resolved the spell check for certain words ending with ies.
  • #F164367 - Resolved the script error in npm run sass.
  • #I319824 - Resolved the extra page rendering issue.
  • #I319824 - Resolved the border rendering issue in the exported word document.
  • #I319421, #F163236 - Resolved the copy/paste issue for content copied from Document Editor.
  • #I307321 - Document exporting issue with line shape is resolved.
  • #I307321 - Exported document rendering issue in resolved.
  • #I321190 - Resolved the icon issue in material-dark, bootstrap-dark, fabric-dark themes.
  • #I319808 - Document with tab is now rendered properly.
  • #I317303 - Spacing after the numbered list is preserved.
  • #I324052 - Added the footnote and endnote locale strings.
  • #I307321 - Table border issue in exported word document is resolved.
  • #I307321 - List with hanging indent is rendered properly.
  • #I313465 - Resolved the image rendering issue in insert image API.
  • #I321108 - Script error in tracking the changes is resolved.
  • #I321923 - Script error in pasting image URL in track change mode is resolved.
  • #I317358 - Image copy/paste issue in ASP.NET MVC framework is resolved.
  • #I318843 - Resolved the list formatting issue in copy pasted content.
  • #I319868 - Exported document with image in header is opened properly in Libre Office.
  • #I324025 - Resolved the font dialog option value in localized mode.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #317344 - The Script error will no longer be thrown if we add the custom stamp image more than 4MB size.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • #318017,#318625 - Export customization set in the beforeExport event is now working.
  • #320952 - Members with special characters are now accepted by the member editor.
  • #F163080 - Even if the fields have special characters, calculated fields can now be created.
  • #323557 - The color picker in the conditional formatting dialog now supports language translation.

New Features

  • #321444 - Date/time values in the editing dialog can now be edited using the date/time picker.