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Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

December 17, 2020



  • #274382, #282351 - Provided the support to resize the dialog in all directions from all the edges and borders.

Document Editor

  • 227250, 143540, 234463, 252453, 267474, 67852, 268213, 273871, 285146, 288507, 290372, 295055, 295548 - Added support for Footnote and Endnote.


  • #275390 - Provided Virtual Scroll support for Gantt.


Breaking Changes
  • In sortSettings the default value of sortBy property has changed to Index from DataSourceOrder.
  • Provided workflow support that determines transitions of card from one column to another in Kanban.
  • Provided support to prevent dragging and dropping the cards on particular column.
  • Provided template support to the card tooltip and shown when hovering the cards.
  • Improved the card layout by providing the default color, labels, and custom classes.


  • #302270 - The position of the marker cluster will now render properly when the Map control is positioned in an absolute location.

PDF Viewer

Breaking Changes
  • Client side Methods
  • The importAnnotations() and exportAnnotations() methods are renamed to importAnnotation() and exportAnnotation()
  • Server side Methods
  • The GetAnnotations() and ExportXfdfAnnotation() methods are removed , and the alternative method is ExportAnnotation().
  • The ImportAnnotationFromXfdf() method is removed , and the alternative method is ImportAnnotation().
  • #F155593 - Exception will no longer be thrown while exporting the form fields.
  • #299497, #301943 - Triggered the event on updating the value in the free text annotation.
  • #301759, #303702 - Now, the document is rendered correctly in the Mobile device.
  • #299797, #298544 - Now, the signature is saved correctly in the signature panel.
  • #300917 - Now, the read-only text box field background color is maintained correctly.
  • #301513 - The isProgrammaticSelection property is returned properly in the annotation select event.
  • #299303 - Now, the waiting pop is visible on the page on applying the Zoom mode property.
  • #301753 - The ExportAnnotationAsObject is now working properly.
  • #286360 - The PDF document is now perfectly rendered with the free text annotation on a mobile device.
  • #300141 - The extra character is not displayed in the textbox field for the PDF document.
  • #296491 - Now, the format is included in the exported file in IE.
  • #F159868 - Expose the Created event for the PDF Viewer component.
  • #297447 - Provided the support for adding the custom text in the notification popup.
  • #298336 - Provided the support to clear the text in the search box on opening it again in our PDF Viewer control.
  • #293756 - Exposed the comments select and status update event.
  • #298173 - Expose a property for removing the save signature checkbox in the signature dialog.
  • #277299, #278926 - Provided the support to customize the Signature Field properties.
  • #293920 - Provided the support to change the date-time format dynamically from the code behind.
  • #300570 - Provided the support to clear the annotation selection.
  • #299501 - Exposed the event before adding the free text annotations.
  • #297337, #298646, #298723, #301996 - Expose an event on focus out of the form field.
  • #288134 - Provided the support to lock the comments of the annotations.
  • #293561 - Exposed a property to show or hide a desktop toolbar in the mobile devices.
  • #293367, #300818 - Provided the support for opening the bookmark panel initially.
  • #F155788, #296389, #297432 - Provided the support for importing and exporting the annotation in XFDF format.



#294066, #294062 - The issue with “option to return valid XHTML for the inline elements” has been resolved by introducing a new public method getXhtml in the Rich Text Editor.

  • File Manager: F144048, #234755, #261368, #261882, #150871, #270549 - This feature allows the editor to browse and insert the images from FileManager using various remote service.
  • F149800 - Provided new property RemoveUrl in InsertImageSettings API to trigger the image remove operation in server, when image removed from editor.
  • #301980 - Provided the support to return the Xhtml value in the value property when the enableXtml property is enabled in the Rich Text Editor.
  • #264791, #295032, #299905, #F159588 - Provided the support to retain all the styles from MS Excel while pasting the content in the Rich Text Editor.


  • Provided the event Drag and Drop and Resize support for Timeline Year view.


  • #294082 - Provided Immutable Support to refresh specific rows while perform Tree Grid actions.
  • #283491 - Provided error handling support to easily rectify errors in sample side.
  • #298682, #299561 - Added getVisibleRecords API to get the visible records based on collapsed rows state.