Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

October 20, 2020

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #294306 - Resolved page number update issue when page contains page field.
  • #295176 - Ctrl + V now works properly in Edge.
  • #296782, #296781 - Resolved issue on cursor visibility when cursor is in editable region.
  • #293369 - Document with merged cell is now exported properly.
  • #294261 - Accepting or rejecting changes were now preserved in restrict editing.
  • #292726 - Row header was now repeated properly for each page.
  • #281339 - Numbered list in the RTL was now rendered properly.
  • #295753 - Sections with restart page number now updated properly.
  • #293980 - Skipped form field insertion in header and footer similar to MS Word.

New Features

  • #281067, #279595 - Added partial lock and edit support.

File Manager

Bug Fixes

  • #288436 - The issue with “The error dialog appears when copy and paste the folder with the same name” has been resolved.


Bug Fixes

  • #291962 - Dates are not filtered with given date format issue has been fixed.
  • #295998 - Events are not triggered properly while perform zoom to fit actions has been fixed.


Bug Fixes

#294066, #294062 - The issue with “option to return valid XHTML for the inline elements” has been resolved by introducing a new public method getXhtml in the Rich Text Editor.


Bug Fixes

  • #286629 - The issue with “when quickly clicking on the different nodes then it is interpreted as double click” has been resolved.