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Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC UI Controls (Essential JS 2) - Release Notes

July 7, 2020


Accumulation Chart

  • Provided smart label placement support that places data labels smartly without overlapping one another in Pie and Doughnut charts.


  • The gradient color support for the ranges and the pointers is now available in the circular gauge.

Document Editor

Breaking Changes
  • The property dropDownItems in DropDownFormFieldInfo is changed to dropdownItems.
  • #279874 - Resolved paragraph spacing issue in the exported docx when opening it in libre office.
  • #278039 - Character formatting now preserved properly for dropdown field.
  • #278038 - Handle restrict editing inside dropdown field.
  • #278695 - Paste text only in editable region now working properly.
  • #267924 - Circular reference exception resolved when export the document contains chart.
  • #152124 - Resolved script error when modify style for locale changed text.
  • #266059 - Skipped adding bookmark when pasting content with bookmark.
  • #267949 - Table is now revert properly when insert table below another table.
  • #268472 - Selection format is now retrieved properly when paragraph contains more than two paragraph.
  • #269467 - List character format is now update properly when paragraph contains style.
  • #264813 - Tab width in list paragraph is now layout properly.
  • #264779 - Text clipping issue is resolved when text inside table.
  • #269397 - Context menu position is now update properly.
  • #269546 - Resolved key navigation issue when paragraph contains page break.
  • #269778 - $ symbol is now search properly when text contains $ symbol.
  • #269893 - Focus is in document editor after dialog gets closed.
  • #268907 - Selection character format is retrieved properly when selection is in list text.
  • #270424 - Footer content is now update properly when document contains more than one section.
  • #269743 , #266534 - Focus is now update properly in Firefox when navigate to bookmark or search result.
  • #271039 - When paste content in RTL paragraph, formatting is now update properly.
  • #271928 - Resolved script when trying to create a new document and document have broken comments.
  • #271886 - Right tab width issue when paragraph contains right indent.
  • #271986 - Resolved error when updating Table of Contents with comments.
  • #271967 , #271968 , #271971 - Paste text only in empty paragraph is now working properly.
  • #271985 - Resolved script error when remove page break after bookmark.
  • #272009 , #273868 - Modify style using numbering and paragraph dialog is now working properly.
  • #271977 - Pasting text in heading style is now maintain heading style in paragraph.
  • #271863 - Paragraph element splitting issue is now resolved when alignment is left and line combined with field.
  • #272290 - Resolved selection issue when paragraph contains line break character.
  • #272600 - Copy text with specific symbol (< , >) is now working properly.
  • #266059 - When pasting content with bookmark, bookmark is now preserved.
  • #269743 - Resolved focus issue in Firefox when navigate to bookmark or search result.
  • #269546 - Selection issue is now resolved when paragraph contains page break.
  • #274395 - Resolved script error when clicking on canvas in mobile view mode.
  • #273345 - Resolved table export issue when table contains vertical merge cell.
  • #271450 - Restricted user editing, when spinner is visible.
  • #271375 - Resolved table layout issue when table contain vertical merged cells.
  • #252868 - Resolved script error when minimize row height.
  • #275993 ,#277160 - Button actions in comments and restrict editing pane will not trigger the form submit events now.
  • #276810 - Table alignment property is now export properly.
  • #277452 - Contents in table is now print properly.
  • #273870 - Bookmarks API will not retrieve bookmark when selection is at end of bookmark.
  • #273913 - Enable/Disable item by index in toolbar is now working properly.
  • #276399 - After copy and paste table, table is now exported properly.
  • Comments pane locale string is now returns proper time.
  • #275137 - Apply vertical alignment for cell is now working properly when it inside table.
  • #275184 - Select bookmark API is now select bookmark element properly.
  • #275452 - Select current word using keys is now working properly when line contains comments.
  • #274525 - List font is now update properly on enter in list paragraph.
  • #273905 - Insert row below is now proper when cells have different borders.
  • #272762 - Modify list level using tab key is now proper.
  • #277823 - Resolved script error when deleting edit range element inside table.
  • #247077 - Selection is now updated properly while clicking before merge field.
  • #277357 - Table borders are now rendered properly.
  • #275686 - contentChange event will not trigger while switching the layout type.
  • #276616 - Paragraph format now preservers properly while inserting text.
  • #276039 - Adding new comment and replying to old comment is now disable in read only mode.
  • #277959 - Document with shape now imported properly.
  • #153583 - Selection is now updated properly for image inside the bookmark.
  • #278685 - Resolved script error on backspace inside the edit range.
  • #268210 - Added support to customize user color in comment.
  • #268211 - Added support for restricting the user from delete comment.
  • #125563,#167098,#200655,#210401,#227193,#225881,#227250,#238531,#238529,#249506,#251329,#251816,#252988,#254094, #125563,#255850, #258472, #264794, #264634, #266286, #278191 - Added support for track changes.
  • #272634 - Added API to get hidden bookmark.
  • #267067,#267934 - Added API to customize font family dropdown.
  • Added height and width API to define height and width of document editor.
  • Added support for Legacy Form Fields.
  • Added support for updating bookmark cross reference fields.

File Manager

  • #275878 - Provided an option to prevent default sorting of the files and folders in the File Manager component.
  • Provided the support to display the File Manager’s dialog at the user specified target.


  • The gradient color support for the ranges and the pointers is now available in the linear gauge.


  • #I278468 - The script errors will not be thrown when rendering the GeoJSON file with line string geometry in Maps control.
  • The data manager support for bubble and marker data source is now available.
  • Google enum value is provided in ShapeLayerType to render the Google maps in the Maps control.

PDF Viewer

  • #273237 - Now, Annotation comments are locked properly when locked the annotations.

Pivot Table

  • #233316,#234648,#247163 - The pivot chart in the Pivot Table now has these chart types: pie, doughnut, pyramid, and funnel.
  • In addition to JSON, the pivot table now supports CSV data sources, as well.


The progress bar provides a customizable visual to indicate the progress of a task with different shape such as rectangle and circle.


  • #152481, #278503, #277840 - An issue with firstDayOfWeek property not applied in timelineviews has been fixed.
  • #272991 - The issue with “Unable to use the same target for more than one Sidebar component” has been resolved.


Breaking Changes
  • API name changes.
Old Property New Property
RangeSettings Ranges


  • #154807 - Tooltip not opening more than once when target specified has been resolved.


Breaking Changes
  • Now data, row these Tree Grid selection event arguments are get array values only when we perform multi selection. Please find modified event arguments and it types from the below table,
Properties Type
data Object or Object[]
rowIndex number
rowIndexes number[]
row Element or Element[]
  • #258863, #271677 - Expand & Collapse child rows support has been provided in Excel Export.
  • Columnchooser support has been provided that allows user to show or hide columns dynamically.
  • Provided support for Editing with Virtualization feature.


  • #276986 - Now, the previous state will be restored in the TreeView when the CRUD operation is failed at the server side.