Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

April 7, 2020


Bug Fixes

  • #263840 - Issue with “console error throws while providing the class name with empty space through htmlAttributes property” has been resolved.

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #267924 - Circular reference exception resolved when export the document contains chart.
  • #152124 - Resolved script error when modify style for locale changed text.
  • #266059 - Skipped adding bookmark when pasting content with bookmark.
  • #267949 - Table is now revert properly when insert table below another table.
  • #268472 - Selection format is now retrieved properly when paragraph contains more than two paragraph.
  • #269467 - List character format is now update properly when paragraph contains style.
  • #264813 - Tab width in list paragraph is now layout properly.
  • #264779 - Text clipping issue is resolved when text inside table.


Bug Fixes

  • #263976 - Data label template will render properly now in the sublayers.

New Features

  • #264809 - Latitude and longitude values are exposed in the arguments of panning event of the Maps control.


Bug Fixes

  • #259941 - Now, numeric textbox model value is formatted with server decimal separator before post to the server instead of model value when submitting the form.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #271163 - Errors will no longer occur when the print module in disabled state.
  • #268829 - Now, the deleted annotations are removed properly from the PDF document.

New Features

  • #267524 - Provided the support for feet inch Calibration ratio in PDF Viewer.
  • #269003 - Exposed the non filled form fields value in the fireValidatedFailed event arguments.
  • #268276 - Provided the support to customize the annotation resize cursor type in PDF Viewer.
  • #268715 - Exposed the ‘Not Approved’ stamp annotation under dynamic stamp type.


Breaking Changes

  • API name changes.
Old Property New Property
RangeSettings Ranges