Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

December 17, 2019

Bullet Chart

Bullet Chart is the variation of bar chart, which displays one or more measures, and compares it to a target value. You can also display the measures in a qualitative range of performance such as poor, satisfactory, or good. All stock elements are rendered by using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).

  • Data Binding - Binds the data with local and remote data source.
  • Animation - Feature and target bar will be animated when rendering.
  • Tooltip - Supports tooltip for the feature and target bar.
  • Orientation - Supports vertical and horizontal rendering.
  • Flow Direction - Supports to render from right to left.
  • Multiple Target - Supports multiple targets.
  • Data Labels - Supports data label to enhance the data.


Bug Fixes

  • #256664 - Polar and radar axis labels overlapping with legend issue got fixed.
  • #149497 - Axis labels are invalid when using label format as percentage in stacking 100 percent series types issue got fixed.


Bug Fixes

  • #250583 - Now, the selected chips values are maintained after selecting and deselecting the chips.


New Features

  • The content template support has been provided in the Dashboard Layout panel property.

Document Editor

New Features

  • #249197, #249364, #148274, #253325 Added support for converting SFDT to Word document in server side.
  • #125563, #158324, #210401, #231575, #239871, #238529, #240405, #252988, #255850 - Added support for insert and edit comments.
  • #245203 - Added support for section pages field.
  • #255626,#254750 - RTL and locale is now updated properly on property change.
  • #251866 - Enhancement for Auto list feature.


New Features

  • #234060, #246529 - Provided the cell color customization support for heatmap by using the CellRender event .
  • Provided the legend title support to customize the legend title in heatmap.
  • Provided the support for a cell color range to customize a cell color based on the range value.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #253751 – Resolved the typo error in annotation exported data.
  • #255345 – Errors will no longer occur while rendering the annotation in the Firefox browser.
  • #255137 – Errors will no longer occur in mobile view mode if we set the Pan interaction mode.
  • #253704 – The form fields are downloaded properly while loading the PDF document in tab control.
  • #253745 – The annotationAdd and annotationPropertiesChange events are triggered properly for the annotations.
  • #252881 – The toolbar settings property is working for mobile device.
  • #255042, #255073 – Errors will no longer occur if the session storage exceeds the maximum limit.
  • #254115, #254942 – The annotation modified date is preserved properly in different localization.
  • #256044 – The font family and text alignment are rendered properly from the exported FreeText annotation data.
  • #255124 – The text markup annotations are now added properly if the PDF Viewer element ID contains characters.
  • #256220 – The context menu will now be shown/hidden properly if we disable the default toolbar.
  • #256131 – The annotation toolbar will now be shown/hidden properly if we disable the annotation toolbar.
  • #256932 - Errors will no longer occur while resizing the text markup annotations.
  • #252805 – The annotationId value is now preserved properly for all annotation events.
  • #255647 - The form fields contents are rendered properly in the printed document, which has been printed in IE browser.

New Features

  • #251150 – Provided the support to find the interlinked annotations while selecting the annotations.
  • #243077 , #241487, #244802, #252340 – Provided the support for setting the annotation UI properties.
  • #254634 – Provided the support to maintain the aspect ratio for custom stamp annotation.
  • #253745, #256518 – Exposed the event to notify the annotation object being moved.
  • #254275 – Exposed the event to notify the download process in the PDF Viewer control.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • #254586 - The conditional formatting will no longer be applied in empty cells.
  • The summarization text of in value buttons inside grouping bar and field list layout can be localized now.

New Features

  • #252636 - Provision provided to disable the scrollbars in pivot chart.
  • #250072 - Provision provided to group and separate the grouped headers through UI.


Bug Fixes

  • #255451 - Label alignment issue in range navigator has been fixed.


New Features

  • Callback event to custom toolbar: The feature allows to bind click event handler to the custom toolbar items in the Rich Text Editor.
  • Code format as toolbar button: Provided an option to add the code format as toolbar button with toggle state in the Rich Text Editor.
  • XHTML validation: Provided support to validate the content of Rich Text Editor with XHTML standard.


New Features

  • #251791 - Provided the support to use DOM element as pane content by configuring the selector to the content of paneSettings property.


Breaking Changes

  • Default value of column’s DisableHtmlEncode is set to true, so the HTML tags can be displayed in the Grid header and content by default. To display it as html content DisableHtmlEncode need to be set as false.

New Features

  • AutoFill support has been provided that allows users to copy the data of selected cells and paste it to another cells by dragging.


New Features

  • #249238 - Provided the support for refreshing a specific node in tree view.
  • #253508 - Now, the ActionFailure event triggers while fetching data from the invalid path.
  • #247333 - Support has been provided to get the disabled nodes in the tree view.