Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC Release Notes

September 4, 2019

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #245473 - Line spacing is now exported properly.
  • #245469, #245470 - List level paragraph heading is now layout properly on page break.
  • #243495 - width is now calculated properly for the tab element, if it has single tab stop.
  • #244893 - Paste event is now triggered in safari browser.
  • #246003 - Insert field is now updated based on current selection format.
  • #243919 - Script error is fixed while pressing Ctrl + A.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #246044 – The assigned author name is now preserved properly while loading or saving the document in PDF Viewer.
  • #245087 – The Polygon, Perimeter, and Volume annotations will be drawn properly in the low zoom values.
  • #245820 - Magnification on double tap will no longer happen when the pinch zoom is disabled in the PDF Viewer control.
  • #244787 – The Comment panel is now opened properly while double clicking the annotation created from the code behind.
  • #246041 - The warning message will no longer be thrown when the web action method is executed.