Accessibility in ASP.NET MVC Linear Gauge

18 Mar 20243 minutes to read

The Linear Gauge component follows commonly used accessibility guidelines and standards, such as ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.2 standards, and WCAG roles.

The accessibility compliance for the Linear Gauge component is outlined below.

Accessibility Criteria Compatibility
WCAG 2.2 Support Intermediate
Section 508 Support Intermediate
Screen Reader Support Yes
Color Contrast Yes
Mobile Device Support Yes
Accessibility Checker Validation Yes
Axe-core Accessibility Validation Yes
Yes - All features of the component meet the requirement.
Intermediate - Some features of the component do not meet the requirement.
No - The component does not meet the requirement.

WAI-ARIA attributes

The Linear Gauge component followed the WAI-ARIA patterns to meet the accessibility. The following ARIA attributes are used in the Linear Gauge component:

Attributes Purpose
role=region It is specified in the title and pointer. The pointer supports the interactive drag-and-drop function to update the pointer value.
aria-label Provides an accessible name for the title, axis labels, text pointer and annotation.

Screen reading in Linear Gauge

Accessibility in the Linear Gauge component ensures that all users, regardless of ability or disability, can use screen reading. The following Linear Gauge elements will be read aloud using screen reading software, such as Narrator for Windows.

Elements Description
Title Reads the title of the Linear Gauge.
Axis labels Reads the axis labels of the Linear Gauge.
Text pointer Reads the text content shown as a pointer in Linear Gauge.
Annotation Reads the content specified in the annotation.

Ensuring accessibility

The Linear Gauge component’s accessibility levels are ensured through an accessibility-checker and axe-core software tools during automated testing.

The accessibility compliance of the Linear Gauge component is shown in the following sample. Open the sample in a new window to evaluate the accessibility of the Linear Gauge component with accessibility tools.

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