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HTML Template and CSS in the Organization chart

20 Jan 2022 / 1 minute to read

An organizational chart is a diagram that displays the structure of an organization and relationships. To create an organizational chart, the type of layout should be set as an OrganizationalChart. The following code example illustrates how to use HTML Templates and CSS in the organization chart by using the HTML node.

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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;
using Syncfusion.EJ2.Diagrams;

namespace organization.Controllers
    public class HomeController : Controller
        private readonly ILogger<HomeController> _logger;

        public HomeController(ILogger<HomeController> logger)
            _logger = logger;

        public IActionResult Index()
            ViewBag.Nodes = OverviewData.GetAllRecords();
            return View();

        public class OverviewData
            public string Id { get; set; }
            public string Name { get; set; }
            public string Designation { get; set; }
            public string ReportingPerson { get; set; }
            public string Image { get; set; }

            public OverviewData(string id, string name, string designation, string reportingperson, string Image)
                this.Id = id;
                this.Name = name;
                this.Designation = designation;
                this.ReportingPerson = reportingperson;
                this.Image = Image;

            public static List<OverviewData> GetAllRecords()
                List<OverviewData> data = new List<OverviewData>();
                data.Add(new OverviewData("parent", "Maria Anders", "Managing Director", "", "./assets/diagram/employees/image1.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("1", "Ana Trujillo", "Project Manager", "parent", "./assets/diagram/employees/image2.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("2", "Anto Moreno", "Project Lead", "1", "./assets/diagram/employees/image3.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("3", "Thomas Hardy", "Senior S/w Engg", "2", "./assets/diagram/employees/image4.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("4", "Christina kaff", "S/w Engg", "3", "./assets/diagram/employees/image5.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("5", "Hanna Moos", "Project Trainee", "4", "./assets/diagram/employees/image6.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("6", "Peter Citeaux", "S/w Engg", "5", "./assets/diagram/employees/image7.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("7", "Martín Kloss", "Project Trainee", "6", "./assets/diagram/employees/image8.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("8", "Elizabeth Mary", "Project Trainee", "6", "./assets/diagram/employees/image9.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("9", "Victoria Ash", "Senior S/w Engg", "5", "./assets/diagram/employees/image10.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("10", "Francisco Yang", "Senior S/w Engg", "3", "./assets/diagram/employees/image11.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("11", "Yang Wang", "Project Manager", "parent", "./assets/diagram/employees/image12.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("12", "Lino Rodri", "Project Manager", "11", "./assets/diagram/employees/image13.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("13", "Philip Cramer", "Senior S/w Engg", "24", "./assets/diagram/employees/image14.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("14", "Pedro Afonso", "Project Trainee", "15", "./assets/diagram/employees/image15.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("15", "Elizabeth Roel", "S/w Engg", "13", "./assets/diagram/employees/image16.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("16", "Janine Labrune", "Project Lead", "12", "./assets/diagram/employees/image17.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("17", "Ann Devon", "Project Manager", "25", "./assets/diagram/employees/image18.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("18", "Roland Mendel", "Project Lead", "17", "./assets/diagram/employees/image19.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("19", "Aria Cruz", "Senior S/w Engg", "18", "./assets/diagram/employees/image20.png"));
                data.Add(new OverviewData("20", "Martine Rancé", "S/w Engg", "18", "./assets/diagram/employees/image21.png"));
                return data;
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        function getLayoutInfo(node, tree) {
            if (!tree.hasSubTree) {
                tree.orientation = 'Vertical';
                tree.type = 'Right';
        function getNodeDefaults(obj, diagram) {
            obj.height = 100;
            obj.width = 250;
   = { fill: 'transparent', strokeWidth: 2 };
            obj.shape = {
                type: 'HTML',
                    `<div><div style=" width: 250px;background-color: #6BA5D7;height:100px; border: 2px solid darkblue; "><img src="` +
                    ('./', '') +
                    `"   style="width: 100px;height: 100px;border-radius: 50%;background-color: whitesmoke "/></div><div style=" margin-left: 125px; margin-top: -74px; font-size: 15px;">` +
                    ( +
                    `</div><div style=" margin-left: 125px; margin-top: 20px; font-size: 15px;">` +
                    ( +
        function getConnectorDefaults(connector, diagram) {
            connector.targetDecorator.shape = 'None';
            connector.type = 'Orthogonal';
   = 'gray';
            return connector;