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Example for Format Cells in ASP.NET MVC XlsIO Control

This sample demonstrates how to apply formatting to the cells using XlsIO.
Click the button to view an Excel spreadsheet generated by Essential XlsIO. Please note that Microsoft Excel Viewer or Microsoft Excel is required to view the resultant document.

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Formatting worksheets makes them more attractive and easier to use. Excel provides various options for setting font, font size, color, and background. The "Format Cells" dialog in Excel has six tabs, each with several characteristics that allow you to set various formats for a cell. You can set number formats, horizontal and vertical alignment, text control operations, font and font styles, and borders for the cells.


  • Various styles such as colors, font settings, borders, and alignments
  • Number formats
  • Patterns
  • Conditional formatting
  • RTF
  • Image insertion