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Example of Find and Highlight in ASP.NET MVC Word (DocIO) Library

This sample demonstrates how to find a specific text pattern using regular expression and highlight it in an existing Word document using Find functionality of Essential DocIO.
Click the button to view the generated Word document or PDF. Please note that Microsoft Word Viewer or Microsoft Word is required to view the resultant Word document and PDF viewer is required to view the resultant PDF.
Regular expression to find the text
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DocIO allows you to find the text in the Word document and then to manipulate it.
  • You can find the first occurrence or all the occurrences of the text in the Word document.
  • You can find the static text or text pattern using regular expression.
  • You can find the text by matching case, whole word and all occurrence or first occurrence alone.
  • You can also find the content that spans across several paragraphs.
More information about the Find functionality can be found in this documentation section.