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This sample demonstrates different types of grid cell selection options and an event to get complete information about the same.

Selection Modes:
Selection Types:

Event Trace:

This feature provides interactive support to highlight rows, columns, values, and summary cells that you select. Selection can be done through either mouse or keyboard interaction. To enable selection, set allowSelection as true.

PivotGrid supports two types of selection that can be set using selectionSettings.type property. They are,

  • Single - Enabled by default. Allows user to select a single row, column, or cell at a time.
  • Multiple - Allows the user to select more than one row, column, or cell at the same time.

Also, there are three modes of selection that can be set using selectionSettings.mode property. They are,

  • Row - Enabled by default. Enables the complete row selection in a pivot grid.
  • Column - Enables the complete column selection in a pivot grid.
  • Cell - Enables only value and summary cell selection in a pivot grid.
  • Both - Enables both row and column selection in a pivot grid.

To perform multiselection, hold the CTRL key and click the desired cells. To select a range of cells, hold the SHIFT key and click the cells.

While using Pivot Grid in a touch device, double-tap over a row, column, or other cells. This results in a pop-up with a multiselect icon. Now tap the icon to proceed with multiselection.

In this demo, pick the selection type and selection mode from the properties panel in order to perform the desired selection process. The selected cell information can be seen in the Event Trace part with the help of the cellSelected event.