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Example of Print in ASP.NET MVC Data Grid Control

This sample demonstrates the different options to print the hierarchy Grid. Select the hierarchy grid's print mode in the dropdown list and click the print button from the toolbar item to print Grid.

Hierarchy PrintMode

The Grid can be printed using the print method. While printing the pager and scrollbar will be removed if they are enabled in Grid. By default, all pages will be printed. We can print current page alone by setting the printMode property value as currentpage. The child grid allows us to print the grid with following options,

  • Expanded - Prints the master grid with expanded child grids.
  • All - Prints the master grid with all the child grids.
  • None - Prints the master grid alone.

We can change the child grid's print option by using the hierarchyPrintMode property.

In this demo, we have set the hierarchyPrintMode asAll. You can change the hierarchy grid's print mode by using the dropdown list in the property panel and click the print icon to print Grid.

More information on the print feature can be found in this documentation section .

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