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Example of Chart Performance in ASP.NET MVC Excel (XlsIO) Library

This sample demonstrates the performance of XlsIO when handling larger files.

Click the "Create Document" button to view the created Excel document. Please note that the Microsoft Excel viewer or Microsoft Excel is required to view the Excel document.

Enter the number of rows

Enter the number of columns

Save As :  

Import on Save option directly serialize data while saving the workbook.

Essential XlsIO is known for its high performance and simple APIs that have most of the functionalities of Excel.


  • Creating rich, large reports with styles.
  • Performance optimization methods.
  • Import on Save option to serialize data while saving the workbook, which is recommended for importing large data without formatting.

  • When more styles are added, it is recommended that you use global styles within BeginUpdate and EndUpdate calls.
  • The use of IMigrantRange will reduce the amount of memory used when large amounts of strings are involved.