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Example of AutoShapes in ASP.NET MVC Excel (XlsIO) Library

This sample demonstrates how to use AutoShapes in spreadsheets using Excel (XlsIO) Library.

Click the "Create Document" button to view the created Excel document. Please note that the Microsoft Excel viewer or Microsoft Excel is required to view the Excel document.

AutoShapes help you to draw objects on your document. You can create various shapes using AutoShapeType enumeration. Once you insert an AutoShape, you can also put a text inside it and you can move or resize them as you wish.

The IShape interface is the in-memory representation of the AutoShapes in an Excel workbook. These are used to create Autoshapes and to set properties for those shapes. The ITextFrame interface can be used to set various shape text formats.


Essential XlsIO supports all major AutoShape features.This sample demonstrates following features:

  • Shape Text
  • Text Alignment
  • SolidFill