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Example of Default Functionalities in ASP.NET Core TextArea Control

This example demonstrates the default functionalities of the TextArea control. Type a character in the TextArea element or focus-in to the TextArea for floating the label text. The label will be positioned back to TextArea on focus-out without value.

Outlined and Filled
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Validation States

A TextArea is an input element that allows users to input multiple lines of text. It can be used for editing or displaying text data.

Types Description
Outlined & Filled textarea You can render the following two types of text fields in the material theme by adding e-outline and e-filled class to cssClass API.
  • Filled text fields
  • Outlined text fields
Default TextArea
You can render textarea by adding class as e-input. You can also render textarea as group by adding parent element with e-input-group class added.
Validation states
You can apply validation states success, warning, error to the textarea with the corresponding classes added to the input element such as e-success, e-warning, e-error.

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