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Convert Image into Binary Format after Uploading in ASP.NET Core Uploader control

28 Oct 2021 / 1 minute to read

By default, the file upload control saves the uploaded image files in physical directories. Also, you can convert the images into binary format at server-side before saving the uploaded images. To retrieve binary format of image files, convert the posted file’s input stream into binary reader and read as bytes using ReadBytes method.

Refer to the below server-side code snippet

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public IActionResult Save(IList<IFormFile> UploadFiles)
    IFormFile uploadedImage = UploadFiles.FirstOrDefault();
    if (uploadedImage.ContentType.ToLower().StartsWith("image/"))
    // Check whether the selected file is image
        byte[] b;
        using (BinaryReader br = new BinaryReader(uploadedImage.OpenReadStream()))
            b = br.ReadBytes((int)uploadedImage.OpenReadStream().Length);
            // Convert the image in to bytes
        Response.StatusCode = 200;
    return Content("");

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