Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

June 30, 2022

Breaking Changes

  • Removed animation property from Carousel component, now you can set the animation effect directly to the animationEffect property.
  • To apply custom animation effects, Needs to set animationEffect property to Custom and specify the custom animation class in cssClass property.


    <e-carousel-animation customEffect="parallax"></e-carousel-animation>


<ejs-carousel animationEffect="Custom" cssClass="parallax"></ejs-carousel>


  • Provided option to play or pause the slides when hovering the mouse pointer over the Carousel element.



  • #I362746 - Provided keyboard navigation support for interactive elements on the chart.
  • #I353728 - Provided highlight and select support for the range and point color mapping.


Bug fixes

  • #I382500 - Now, the BPMN shape is changed properly at runtime.
  • #I382496 - BPMN gateway sub type is working properly while changing it during runtime.
  • #I383411 - Now, fill color is applied properly when changing the BPMN event at runtime.


  • #I362749 - Provided option to adjust the distance between the source node and the target node of the orthogonal connection has been added.
  • #I347713 - Support to modify connector segments thumb icon shape and style has been added.
  • #FB31535 - Support for splitting and joining connectors has been added.
  • #I362796 - Support to highlight selected diagram elements on multiple selections has been added
  • #I362829 - Support to limit the connector segments while draw at run time has been added.
  • #I362755 - Support to edit multiple bezier segments with multiple control points has been added.

Breaking changes

  • In the Bezier connector, by default, the multiple segments will be created automatically if a user doesn’t define segment collections in the application.
  • In the Bezier connector, based on segment count, multiple control points will be displayed to control the smoothness of the curve.
  • The Bezier connector source and target control points are visible only when you inject ConnectorEditing module.



  • #I193695, #I204886, #I206463, #I206930, #I207625, #I208400, #I219802, #I223333, #I224205, #I224532, #I230524, #I286086, #I288430, #I304956, #I310217, #I135185, #I135243, #I156004, #F119389, #I157231, #F125603, #I163232, #I164076, #I164410, #I164724, #I167776, #I170758, #F129910, #F129911, #I177323, #I156820, #I182239, #I189834, #I197733, #I158678, #I161942, #I175960, #I178173, #I169491, #I180412, #I181509, #I183143, #I183750, #F131672, #I185703, #I185793, #I185927, #I186314, #I173965, #I187805, #I188727, #I193069, #I193695, #I184554, #I195475, #I195671, #F127227, #I197345, #I197187, #F132419, #I197374, #I198721 - Convert Word document to images.
  • #FB28877 - Insert text wrapping break in a Word document.
  • #I61189, #I244076 - Customize the mail merge execution to start a new page for each group of records in a Word document.
  • #I343315 - Access or set the internal margins for shapes in the Word document.
  • #I315632 - Create a Waterfall chart in the DOCX format document.
  • DotDotDashHeavy, DottedHeavy, and Thick underline styles render as they are in the input Word document during Word to PDF conversion.

Bug Fixes

  • #I380680, #I381402 - Bookmark content is now deleted properly while calling DeleteBookmarkContent API.
  • #I379675 - The IndexOutOfRangeException will no longer be thrown while deleting the bookmark content.
  • #I379146 - Map chart is now preserved properly while resaving a DOCX format document.
  • #I378787 - Shape border is now preserved properly while converting a Word document to PDF.
  • #I376761 - Table is now preserved properly while resaving a DOC format document.
  • #I375541 - TextBox line join type is now preserved properly while converting a DOCX document to PDF.
  • #I376003 - Words and characters counts are now updated properly while calling UpdateWordCount API.
  • WPicture.IsMetaFile property is now updated properly for metafile image.

Document Editor


  • #I229069, #I243495, #I246168, #I276053, #I300275, #I316474, #I328061, #I329785, #I344454, #I347371, #F149002- Added support for paragraph border.
  • #I307286, #I330920 - Added support for restricting documents with tracked changes only protection type.
  • #I268209, #I298869 - Added support for display tracked changes commonly for table instead of row.
  • #I336116, #I342219, #I346980, #F164814, #F168911 - Improved the display, selection, and editing of the RTL text in a bi-directional layout.
  • #I315762 - Added MetafileImageParsed event in .NET Core and Java server-side library to generate fallback raster image for a metafile image while converting a Word document to SFDT.
  • Added an option to insert a new root word with a list of possible words to dictionary file in the server-side spell checker library.

Bug Fixes

  • #I384261 - Resolved the script error in exporting the content control.
  • #I375732 - Resolved the table merged cell rendering issue.
  • #I376858 - Resolved the issue in loading the document.
  • #I375798 - Resolved the control hanging issue on opening a document due to tab element.
  • #I377834, #I376819 - Resolved the issue in saving the document with track changes.
  • #I375354 - Resolved the list indent layout behaviour.
  • #I379316, #I374993 - Resolved the number of spelling suggestion listing issue.
  • #I382192 - Resolved the undo and redo issue after adding un-posted comment.
  • #I383988 - Resolved the editing issue in inline form filling mode.
  • #I374466 - Resolved the issue in updating the drop down form field.
  • #I379507 - Resolved the tab alignment issue.



  • #I233407, #I258725, #I280586, #I291191, #I304599, #F160011, #I310340, #F163773, #I323187, #I323187, #I346348 - Provided Critical Path support for Gantt Chart. Find demo link here.
  • Provided State Persistence support for Gantt Chart. Find documentation link here.


New features

  • #I359178 - Provided support to show clear icon in search bar for clearing search inputs.
  • #I328056, #I369597 - Provided support to prevent the selection of specific rows based on the condition.
  • Provided complete keyboard support for DataGrid.
  • #I194399 - Provided support to rotate grid header while exporting.
  • #I212148, #I242942, #I249345, #I254853, #I264118, #I281934, #F165789, #I330612, #I337955, #I363844 - Provided the data annotation support for server side validation in ASP.NET Core.

Bug fixes

  • #I235957, #I347931, #F170423, #I356695 - Persist Selection misbehaves while sorting with virtualisation issue has been fixed .



  • GeoJSON data with geometry types like “MultiLineString”, “MultiPoint” and “GeometryCollection” can now be displayed in Maps.
  • #F170451 - urlTemplate has been extended to accept tile server URLs from online map providers like ESRI, TomTom, and Mapbox.
  • #I326902 - Support for legend is provided when markers or sublayers are rendered in the online map providers.



  • Added a PDF/A-4 conformance creation and conversion support.
  • #I381316 - Added support to create, edit, and remove watermark annotations.
  • Added a high-level API to convert images to PDF documents.
  • Added support to create, edit, and remove the rich media annotations.
  • #F174432 - Added support to get the timestamp certificate from the signature validation result.
  • #I364032 - Added support to flatten annotations without calling the save method.
  • #I360243, #F174432 - Added support to get the detail of the signature’s validity from the PdfSignatureValidationResult.
  • Added the property changed event support for the annotations.
  • Added support to split a PDF document by fixed and custom ranges.
  • #373919 - Updated the latest version BlinkBinaries which includes fixes and security updates in the HTML to PDF.
  • #316038, #340354 - Added support for the HTML to PDF conversion in AWS with the new NuGet package.
  • #118797 - Added support for the Image OCR to a PDF document and the PDF A document.
  • #356048, #363551, #363552 - Added support for the OCR using the SkiaSharp and PdfImaging.NET.
  • #358493 - Added support to specify the engine mode for the OCR .NET Core.
  • #376619 - Added support for the PdfGS1Code128Barcode and PdfCode128Barcode.
  • #372324, #F173622 - Added support for scale in the .NET Core HTML to PDF conversion with the Blink engine.
  • Added support for the processor OCR without setting the TesseractBinaries and TessData path.
  • Added support for the HTML converter and the OCR in .NET 6.0.

Bug Fixes

  • #I380779 - The PDF form field visibility is not working properly from an existing PDF document.
  • #I384734 - The Preservation issue no longer occurs while adding Unicode characters to the PDF form fields.
  • #I385168 - The orientation is properly preserved while trying to import the rotated PDF pages to a new pdf document.
  • #I382887 - The invalid cross-reference table exception will no longer occur while merging a PDF document.
  • #I381950 - The widget annotation properly shows in viewers after merging the cropped PDF documents.
  • #I382355 - A fatal error will no longer occur while opening a PDF document with open and repair mode.
  • #I381563 - An exception will no longer occur when reusing the input stream without closing a PDF document completely.
  • #I380561 - The dropdown field values are imported properly with the dynamic xml file.
  • #F175170 - The PDF signature validation passed when verifying digitally signed with the ECDSA-SHA256 algorithm.
  • #I379400, #I380182 - The preservation issue will no longer occur while adding the image into the signature appearance and draw position.
  • #I380425 - The shape is preserved properly while converting the Presentation to a PDF document.
  • #I378529 - The preservation issue will no longer occur after rotating the document and adding a stamp to a PDF document.
  • #I369183 - The rotation is considered while creating a template from the rotated PDF document.
  • #I385801 - The document corruption issue will no longer occur while modifying a specific Pdf document.
  • #I380301 - The runtime and preservation issue will no longer occur when flattening the form field in a particular PDF document.
  • #F35262 - The PdfGrid is preserved properly at the bottom while adding the header and footer.
  • #I383513 - The acrobat reader recognized the required mark fields for the text box and list box created using the PDF library.
  • #I386166 - The incorrect field name exception will no longer occur when trying to receive the value from the newly added form field.
  • #I381517 - Now, the border width is set properly to the textbox field.
  • #I382945 - The invalid type cast exception will no longer occur while retrieving the newly added form fields.
  • #I381698 - The preservation issue will no longer occur after filing the back color to the combed text box field in a PDF document.
  • #I379204 - The preservation issue will no longer occur while filling the text box field on a particular PDF document.
  • #I379233 - Shapes are properly drawn with the transparent color using PdfPen.
  • #I372110 - The Pages are properly added when you collect the page record collection from the loaded PDF document.
  • #I374592 - The bookmark child is not exported multiple times while splitting a PDF document.
  • #I372759 - The numeric format is considered when filling a text form field in a PDF document.
  • #I371581 - The annotations will be active after flattening annotations in the specific PDF documents.
  • #I374556 - The PdfGrid borders are preserved properly while setting the pagination bounds.
  • #I375568 - Now, shapes are filled properly with transparent brush colors.

Pivot Table


  • Provided support to search for a specific field in the field list UI.


Bug fixes

  • #I380434 - Line spacing is now applied properly while converting a PowerPoint presentation to PDF.


New Features

  • #I380086 - Provided support to resize the first and last columns of a table without resizing the other columns.

  • #I362331, F173395, I318486 - Provided support to insert text programmatically in the Markdown editor at the current cursor position using the executeCommand public method.



  • #I357693, #I385560 - Provided a public method openQuickInfoPopup to open the quick popup programmatically.
  • #I307933 - Provided support to specify custom separator when exporting Scheduler events to CSV export.

Tree Grid


  • Provided row drag and drop support with virtualization feature enabled.
  • Provided support for row indent and outdent functionality. Find the demo link here.

Visual Studio Extensions

New Feature

  • #FB8305 - The authentication support has been provided in the Syncfusion ASP.NET Core project template to create an ASP.NET Core application with different authentication types.


Breaking Changes

  • #I375327 - IsSerializePivotCache boolean property is added in IPivotCache interface to save pivot cache when required.
  • #I376580 - Changed the visibility of the CompoundFileException class from internal to public to catch the exception in the try-catch block.

Bug Fixes

  • #I382987 - The application hanging issue while opening the Excel document with whitespace in drawing XML element is fixed.