Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

May 12, 2022



  • In EJ2 Theme Studio, migrated to latest Dart Sass version from Node Sass to compile our theme files.

Breaking changes

  • The EJ2 Theme Studio is using ‘Dart Sass’ instead of ‘Node Sass’ from this release, since ‘Node Sass’ was deprecated. If you are generating CSS from Sass files in your end, switch to ‘Dart Sass’.


Bug Fixes

  • #I373763 - Now, old value of SelectionChange event are updated properly.
  • #I373774 - The sourcePointChange and targetPointChange events are triggered while dragging the node.
  • #I375741 - Now, the performance and Memory leak is resolved in the saveDiagram method.
  • #I372151 - Now, bezier connector annotation get exported properly as an image.
  • #I376498 - Now, the diagram zooming behaviour is changed as an old behaviour.

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #FB34545 - Resolved the document editor container component destroy issue
  • #I375339 - Resolved the restart page numbering consideration on table of content updation.
  • #I374447 - Resolved the empty pages issue on printing a document with landscape orientation
  • #I373959 - Resolved the pagination issue on layouting and downloading a sfdt
  • #I373287 - Resolved the control hanging issue while opening a document with table
  • #I366157, #I367362 - Resolved the table rendering issue at the bottom of the page
  • #I373048 - Rejecting new paragraphs tracked changes releases the occupied space.
  • #I372635 - Resolved the issue in review pane while opening a default document with track changes.
  • #I372245 - Resolved the layouting issue for large footnote content which flows over the current page
  • #I371788 - Resolved the multiple call issue when enabling the spellcheck after editing the document
  • #I371641 - Resolved the minimum column width causes in-finite lopping issue when resizing table
  • #I368482 - Resolved the table in document overlaps footer
  • #I367499 - Resolved the chart color rendering and shape overlapping issue
  • #I368087 - Resolved the list format issues when open document by Document Editor

PDF Viewer

New Features

  • #I368647, #I366041- Exposed a method to focus form fields on a document.
  • #I362221, #I364814, #I368380, #I363379- Provided the support for field Id and field Name for the Form Fields events.
  • #I353301- Implemented the GetPageNumberFromClientPoint, ConvertClientPointToPagePoint, ConvertPagePointToClientPoint, ConvertPagePointToScrollingPoint and zoomToRect methods.

Bug Fixes

  • #I372732- A signature in the signature field will be displayed in the downloaded document when the form field properties have been updated using the updateFormFields method.
  • #I361979- Now, signature fields with the same value for the name property will be visible when the document is downloaded and reloaded.
  • #I367560, #I367313- Improved the pinch-zoom in and out responsiveness in the mobile device.
  • #I368770, #I373344, #I372215- Now, the properties of text box fields are changed properly using the textFieldSettings property.
  • #I369002- A signature will be downloaded in the correct position for rotated and scanned documents.
  • #I369554- The form fields are now added horizontally to the page, even for rotated documents.
  • #I371560- Form fields in a rotated document will be rendered according to the field rotation.
  • #I373137- The ArgumentOutOfRangeException exception will no longer occur when extracting the text for the provided document.
  • #I375548, #I374826, #I375215, #I376171, #I376531- The Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory was changed into a stable version.
  • #I364871- Now, the handwritten signature images and custom stamps will be resized proportionally.
  • #I368168- PDF Viewer toolbar appeared properly from view on zooming in mobile mode.
  • #I370140- The label content of calibrating annotations is correctly updated when their properties are edited programmatically.
  • #I370758- The Script error will no longer be thrown while downloading the document after adding the handwritten type signature on a mobile device.
  • #I370904- The signature collection and some signature properties are properly defined in the addSignature event on a mobile device.
  • #I377746- The PDF Viewer download button no longer opens the blob URL in Firefox for downloading the document.
  • #I367878- The Script error will no longer be thrown while clicking the form field for the second time.
  • #I373785- The initial field will no longer be undefined after filling the field.
  • #I363381- The formFieldPropertiesChange event triggers on removing the signature from the signature field.
  • #I371825- Now, the form fields will appear while scrolling through the different pages.
  • #I371838- The Custom stamp annotation will be rendered correctly for the PDF document provided.
  • #I365736, #I366420- In mobile devices, the Script error will no longer occur when adding the signature.

Pivot Table

Bug fixes

  • #I363090 - The previous cell selection can now be maintained while restricting the current selection in the pivot table’s column axis using the cell selection event.
  • #I373754 - The pivot table can now be exported properly to Excel and CSV formats while using the virtual scrolling feature, with sub-totals hidden.
  • #I374945 - The pivot chart will now refresh properly with the specified height when switching from adaptive to desktop mode.


  • #F174296 - Members of a specific field are now sorted based on user-defined order in the Pivot Table’s row and column axes.



  • #I362282 - Provided support for date column filter popup UI like parent-child combination of checkboxes functionality.

Visual Studio Extensions

New Feature

  • Added new carousel component in ASP.NET Core Sample Creator.
  • Provided ASP.NET Core Web App template in Syncfusion ASP.NET Core Project template.