Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

October 26, 2021

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I337087, #I344332 - Improved the suggestion construction logic for error words.
  • #I338302 - Resolved the hanging issue when opening document with table.
  • #I339240 - RTL list is now deleted properly.

Bug Fixes

  • #I343096 - The issue with “The Dropdown Tree item getting unselected when clicking the text content of the input element” has been fixed.


Breaking Changes

  • Add and Edit dialog is now rendered as direct child to body element.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #344034 - The Script error will no longer be thrown if we select text markup annotation when text selection is disabled.

Pivot Table

Bug Fixes

  • #I345673 - Even the value fields starts with the same caption, the Pivot Table values are now properly displayed.


Bug Fixes

  • #I341459 - The issue with “The Tooltip’s pop-up position misaligns on window resize” has been resolved.