Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

May 19, 2021

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #I325681 - Resolved the textbox border rendering issue.
  • #I323059 - Resolved the script error when ignore action in spelling dialog.
  • #I323423 - Resolved the footnote moving issue to next page.
  • #I324169 - Resolved opacity issue in toolbar item.
  • #I322560, #I323516 - Script error in the top and bottom layout is resolved.
  • #I323824 - Resolved the document corruption issue in MS Office 2007.
  • Resolved the document rendering issue document footer.
  • Resolved the script error for Jest framework.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #325096 - The Script error will no longer be thrown if we add form fields value by code behind.
  • #326083 - Now, the signature is appeared inside of the Signature Field in the PDF Viewer.
  • #326054 - The Script error will no longer be thrown while clicking the provided document hyperlink content.
  • #324660 - Now, the distance annotation can be added after deleting the incompletely drawn distance annotation.