Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

March 9, 2021

Document Editor

Breaking Changes

  • The DictionaryData(int langID,string dictPath,string affPath,string customPath) is marked as obsolete. Please use the alternate new constructor DictionaryData(int langID, string dictPath, string affPath) in Syncfusion.EJ2.SpellChecker spell checker.
  • The SpellChecker(List<SpellCheckDictionary> dictItem) is marked as obsolete. Please use the alternate new constructor SpellChecker(List<DictionaryData> dictItem, string customDicPath) in Syncfusion.EJ2.SpellChecker spell checker.

Bug Fixes

  • #315096 - Selection behaviour is updated properly, while pasting a URL and clicking enter after the URL.
  • #315413, #317463 - Table cell is now rendered properly.
  • #314467 - Find and replace is now working properly.
  • #315441 - While inserting same bookmark multiple times and deleting, bookmarks were preserved properly now.
  • #316532 - ParagraphFormat is now preserved while pasting with text only option.
  • #314193 - Document with charts were now preserved properly on exporting.
  • #161908, #318321 - Added API to show/hide restrict editing pane.
  • #315435 - Table cell width now preserved properly on editing.
  • #162638 - Table background color was now updated properly on updating borders and shading.


Bug Fixes

  • 316898 - Maintained additional fields in segments on zooming action.

PDF Viewer

Bug Fixes

  • #312055 - The opacity value is applied properly for the free text annotation when importing the annotations.


Bug Fixes

  • #310875 - The issue with “The isChecked attribute is not working when using the sortOrder property in TreeView” has been resolved.
  • #282214 - Now the isChecked attribute value is updated properly in the NodeChecked event arguments in the TreeView component.