Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

May 5, 2020

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #272290 - Resolved selection issue when paragraph contains line break character.
  • #272600 - Copy text with specific symbol (< , >) is now working properly.
  • #266059 - When pasting content with bookmark, bookmark is now preserved.
  • #269743 - Resolved focus issue in Firefox when navigate to bookmark or search result.
  • #269546 - Selection issue is now resolved when paragraph contains page break.
  • #274395 - Resolved script error when clicking on canvas in mobile view mode.
  • #273345 - Resolved table export issue when table contains vertical merge cell.
  • #271450 - Restricted user editing, when spinner is visible.

PDF Viewer

New Features

  • #272985 - Provided the support to edit the annotation properties without selecting the annotation.


Bug Fixes

  • #F152636 - An issue with scheduler throwing script error when minDate and maxDate property setting has been fixed.
  • #272963 - An issue with rendered scroll bar when the height of the scheduler is auto in a higher resolution machine has been fixed.