Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

May 14, 2019

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • #230628 - Updated dialog animation.

New Features

  • #142821 - Added API to insert bookmark and fetch all bookmarks in document.
  • #142820 - Added API to insert hyperlink.


New Features

  • #230837, #229200 - Provided the tool tip template support for customizing the cell tool tip.


New Features

  • #230272 - Provided the support for adding new list view item without re-render the listview in virtualization mode.

PDF Viewer

New Features

  • Provided the supports for ExtractText functionality in the PDF viewer control.
  • Provided the supports for adding custom header to the AJAX requests in the PDF viewer control.


New Features

  • #234933 - Now the tooltip is showing while hovering the tooltip content element in hover mode.


New Features

  • #227540 - Provided the support for rendering treeview data in single server request while disabling the loadOnDemand