Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

December 10, 2018


New Features

  • Support has been added to set gap between the ranges.
  • Support has been added to calculate the radius of the gauge based on the start and end angles.


New Features

  • Provided option to specify the type of the dialog’s buttons such as submit, reset.
  • Provided resizable support to the dialog for both modal dialog and modeless dialog (non-modal).

Document Editor

New Features

  • Added support for Right-to-left flow direction in control.
  • Added support for table auto fit layout.
  • Added Document Editor Container component for toolbar and properties pane.


Bug Fixes

  • Initial multi-sorting icon is added incorrectly fixed.
  • Validation for complex property is not added properly resolved.

New Features

  • Dialog edit template support added.
  • Reactive aggregate update support added.
  • Date time type column filter support added.
  • Windows explorer like check-box selection added.
  • Expand and collapse enabled in excel exported document for grouped grid.
  • Support to prevent the overriding of autofit columns by Resizing added.
  • Show All option added for page size drop-down.


New Features

  • Support for toggling the cell visibility with legend selection has been added for fixed type legend in heat map. This support helps to view the data points with values which matches the legend selection.
  • Multi-level axis label grouping feature has been added to heat map.
  • Cell selection feature has been added to heat map, this feature helps to select single or multiple heat map cells at run-time.
  • Support for binding date object to axis labels for cell JSON data has been provided.
  • Support for auto generating axis labels for cell JSON data has been provided.
  • Provided support for formatting legend label in heat map.
  • Provided support for customizing the cell tool tip UI.
  • Provided support for customizing the data labels.

In-place Editor

The In-place Editor component is used to edit and update the input value dynamically to the server. It supports integrating many component types such as “DropDownList”,”DatePicker”,”AutoComplete”, etc.

  • Render mode - Provides two types of rendering modes when editing the input, namely “Inline” and “Popup”.
  • Component integration - Support to integrate components such as “DropDownList”, “DatePicker”,” AutoComplete”, etc. to the In-place Editor.
  • Data binding - Bind the In-place Editor component with an array of JSON objects or DataManager to save the edited data to the server.
  • Customization - Offers UI customization such as popup, buttons, and also denotes editable content state.
  • Template - Templates can be used to integrate custom controls to the In-place Editor.
  • Globalization - Provides right to left and localization support.


New Features

  • Support has been added for desaturation color mapping.
  • Support has been added to hide specific legend items and bind legend text from data source.
  • Support has been added for highlighting or selecting the legend items along with shapes.
  • Support has been added to specify multiple fields in the data source for shapePropertyPath.
  • Events has been added for zoom-in and zoom-out.

PDF Viewer

The PDF Viewer component enables you to view and print the PDF files.

  • Both normal and PDF files protected with AES and RC4 encryption can be opened and displayed.
  • Core interactions are included: scrolling, zooming, panning, and page navigation.
  • Built-in toolbar.
  • Text can be selected and copied from PDF files.
  • Text can be easily searched for across the PDF document.
  • Easy navigation with the help of bookmarks, thumbnails, hyperlinks, and a table of contents.
  • Two view modes are included: fit-to-page and fit-to-width.
  • An entire document or a specific page can be printed directly from the browser.

Pivot Grid

Bug Fixes

  • 219623 - Text in the field list tab gets completely displayed in mobile layout.
  • 219625 - Scrolling works properly in touch mode when virtual scroll option is enabled.
  • 219625 - In mobile device, virtual scrolling sample is loaded properly from the sample browser.
  • 219625 - In mobile device, last column cells are displayed properly.

New Features

  • Raw items in the control can be edited and updated at runtime.
  • Provided support to list the raw items for a particular value cell.
  • In the filter pop-up, provided support to set the limit the display field values and search option for refining the values from large data.
  • Provided hyperlink support to perform any custom operation programmatically.
  • Defer update option has been provided to refresh the control on-demand and not during every UI interaction for better performance.
  • Provided support to show or hide subtotals and grand totals for rows and columns.
  • More aggregation types like – Distinct Count, Product, Running Totals, Percentage of Column Total, Percentage of Parent Column Total, Population Var are added.


The Query Builder component is a graphical user interface that allows users to create and edit filters. It outputs a structured JSON of filters that can be easily parsed to create SQL. It is integrated with Data Manager to communicate with data sources and returns the desired result based on the provided filter. It supports data binding, templates, validation, and horizontal and vertical orientation.

  • Data binding: It auto populates the data source and maps the data to the appropriate fields.
  • Template: Supports templates and it is applicable for all input components.
  • Queries: Queries supports JSON/SQL rules.


The Splitter is the layout user interface (UI) which contains multiple resizable panes and separator bar.

  • Resizable: By default, all the panes configured with resizable.
  • Orientation: The panes can be oriented horizontally and vertically.
  • Nested: Integrate splitter controls inside split pane to create nested layout.
  • Separator: Divide the pane with horizontal or vertical line with customizable dimension.


New Features

  • Support has been added for desaturation color mapping.
  • Support has been added to hide specific legend items and bind legend text from data source.
  • Support has been added for highlighting or selecting the legend items along with shapes.
  • Support has been added to bind colors for the items from the data source.


New Features

  • Enabled sequential upload support to file upload component that upload the selected files one after the other to the server.
  • New event provided “chunkUploading” which trigger on every chunk to be upload in file upload.
  • Provided the option to get additional data back from a server to client on file upload.