Essential Studio for ASP.NET CORE Release Notes

September 22, 2018

Document Editor

Bug Fixes

  • Cursor position is now updated properly when placed after image, bookmark.


New Features

  • Bubble tile type support has been included in heatmap for visualizing data points by mapping the data to bubble size and bubble color.
  • Axis label increment feature has been added to heat map. It’s is used to display the axis label with regular interval values in numeric and date time axes
  • Provided the smart legend feature for fixed type legend.
  • Provided the support for nested data binding for JSON data.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed selectMultipleItems public method issue with empty dataSource.
  • Fixed removeMultipleItems public method issue with custom fields mapping.

Pivot Grid

New Features

  • 208354, 211758 — Value fields can be placed in row axis now.
  • Virtual scrolling options have been provided to load large amounts of data with high performance.
  • Conditional formatting support allows users to define conditions and format grid cells’ font, colour etc.
  • Label and value-based filtering options are provided that work similar to Microsoft Excel.


Bug Fixes

  • The nodeData argument in nodeSelected event showing wrong value issue has been fixed.