Annotation and Label

17 Feb 20221 minute to read


In the circular progress bar, you can add any view to the center using the content property in annotation.

For example, you can include add, start, or pause button to control the progress. You can also add an image that indicates the actual task in progress or add custom text that conveys how far the task is completed.

<ejs-progressbar id="container" minimum="0" maximum="100" type='Circular' value=60 
        innerRadius="190%" trackColor="#FFD939" trackThickness=80 cornerRadius="Round">
            <e-progressbar-progressbarannotation content='<div id="point1" style="font-size:20px;font-weight:bold;color:#ffffff;fill:#ffffff"><span>60%</span></div>'></e-progressbar-progressbarannotation>


You can show the progress value in both linear and cicular progress bar using showProgressValue property.

<ejs-progressbar id="container" minimum="0" maximum="100" type='Linear' value=50 
        showProgressValue="true" trackThickness=24 cornerRadius="Round" progressThickness=24>