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Customize empty value cells

You can show the custom string in the empty value cells using the emptyCellsTextContent string type property in dataSource object of the pivot table. It can be configured through code behind during initial rendering.

<ejs-pivotview id="PivotGrid" height="300">
    <e-datasource data="" expandAll="false" emptyCellsTextContent="*">
            <e-field name="Amount" format="C0" maximumSignificantDigits="10" minimumSignificantDigits="1" useGrouping="true"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Country"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Products"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Year" caption="Production Year"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Quarter"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Sold" caption="Units Sold"></e-field>
            <e-field name="Amount" caption="Sold Amount"></e-field>
public ActionResult Index()
    var data = GetPivotData(); = data;
    return View();