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Maintain trailing zeros in NumericTextBox in ASP.NET Core NumericTextBox control

21 Oct 2021 / 1 minute to read

By default, trailing zeros disappear when the NumericTextBox gets focus. However, you can use the following sample to maintain the trailing zeros while focusing the NumericTextBox.

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<ejs-numerictextbox id="numeric" value="10" decimals="2" format="n2" change="numericFocus" created="onCreate"></ejs-numerictextbox>
    function numericFocus() {
        var numericObj = this.ej2_instances ? this.ej2_instances[0] : this;
        numericObj.element.value = numericObj.formattedValue(numericObj.decimals, +numericObj.element.value);

    function onCreate() {
        document.getElementById('numeric').addEventListener('focus', numericFocus);
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public ActionResult nullableInput()
    return View();