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Set cursor position while focus on the input textbox in ASP.NET Core MaskedTextBox control

20 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

By default, on focusing the MaskedTextBox the entire mask gets selected. You can customize by using any one of the following methods:

  • Setting cursor position at the start of the MaskedTextBox.
  • Setting cursor position at the end of the MaskedTextBox.
  • Setting cursor at the specified position in the MaskedTextBox.

Following is an example that demonstrates the above cases to set cursor position in the MaskedTextBox using focus event.

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<ejs-maskedtextbox id="mask1" name="mask_value1" mask="00000-00000" value='93828-32132' placeholder="Default cursor position" floatLabelType="Always"></ejs-maskedtextbox>
<ejs-maskedtextbox id="mask2" name="mask_value2" mask="00000-00000" value='83929-43427' placeholder="Cursor positioned at start" floatLabelType="Always" focus="onfocus.bind(this)"></ejs-maskedtextbox>
<ejs-maskedtextbox id="mask3" name="mask_value3" mask="00000-00000" value='83929-32131' placeholder="Cursor positioned at end" floatLabelType="Always" focus="onfocus2.bind(this)"></ejs-maskedtextbox>
<ejs-maskedtextbox id="mask4" name="mask_value4" mask="+1 000-000-0000" value='234-432-4324' placeholder="Cursor at specified position" floatLabelType="Always" focus="onfocus3.bind(this)"></ejs-maskedtextbox>


    function onfocus(args) {
        //sets cursor position at start of MaskedTextBox
        args.selectionEnd = args.selectionStart;

    function onfocus2(args) {
        //sets cursor position at end of MaskedTextBox
        args.selectionStart = args.selectionEnd;

    function onfocus3(args) {
        //sets cursor at specified position
        args.selectionStart = 3;
        args.selectionEnd = 3;

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public ActionResult cursorPosition()
    return View();

Output be like the below.

MaskedTextBox Sample