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A legend is a key used on a map that contains swatches of symbols with descriptions. This provides valuable information for interpreting what the map displays; it can be represented in various colors, shapes or other identifiers based on the data. Legends give a breakdown of what each symbol represents throughout the map.


The legends can be made visible by setting the visible property of legendSettings to true.

Positioning of the legend

The legend can be positioned in the following ways:

  • Absolute position.

  • Dock position.

Absolute position

Based on the margin values of x and y-axes, the legends can be positioned using the location.x and location.y properties available in legendSettings. For positioning the legend based on margins corresponding to a map, set the value of position to ‘Float’.

Dock position

The legends can be positioned in following locations within the container. You can set the following options by using the position property in legendSettings.

  • Top

  • Left

  • Bottom

  • Right

The above four positions can be aligned with the combination of ‘Near’, ‘Center’ and ‘Far’ using the alignment property in legendSettings. So, the legends can be aligned to 12 positions.

Legend Mode

Legend had two type of mode. Default mode and Interactive mode.

Default mode

The default mode legends have symbols with legend labels that are used to identify the shape, bubble or marker color.

Interactive mode

The legends can be made interactive with an arrow mark that indicates the exact range color in the legend when the mouse hovers over the corresponding shapes. You can enable this option by setting the value of the mode property in legendSettings value to “Interactive” and the default value of the mode property to“Default” to enable the normal legend.

Legend size

The map legend size can be modified by using the height and width properties in legendSettings.

Legend for shapes

The layer shape type legends can be generated for each color mappings in shape settings.

Note: The following code sample demonstrates the equal colorMapping legends for the shapes.

    { value: 5, State: "Alabama", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:62.9,Clinton:34.6 },
    { value: 5, State: "Alaska", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:52.9,Clinton:37.7},
    { value: 5, State: "Arkansas", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:60.6,Clinton:33.7 },
    { value: 5, State: "Arizona", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:49.5,Clinton:45.4 },
    { value: 1, State: "California", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:32.8,Clinton:61.6},
    { value: 1, State: "Colorado", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:47.3,Clinton:44.4 },
    { value: 1, State: "Connecticut", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:41.2,Clinton:54.5},
    { value: 1, State: "Delaware", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:53.4,Clinton:41.9 },
    { value: 1, State: "District of Columbia",  Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:4.1,Clinton:92.8},
    { value: 5, State: "Florida", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:49.1,Clinton:47.8 },
    { value: 5, State: "Georgia", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:51.3,Clinton:45.6 },
    { value: 1, State: "Hawaii", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:62.2,Clinton:30 },
    { value: 5, State: "Idaho", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:59.2,Clinton:27.6  },
    { value: 1, State: "Illinois", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:55.4,Clinton:39.4  },
    { value: 5, State: "Indiana", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:57.2,Clinton:37.9  },
    { value: 5, State: "Iowa", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:51.8,Clinton:42.2  },
    { value: 5, State: "Kansas", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:57.2,Clinton:36.2 },
    { value: 5, State: "Kentucky", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:62.5,Clinton:32.7  },
    { value: 5, State: "Louisiana", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:58.1,Clinton:38.4  },
    { value: 1, State: "Maine", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:45.2,Clinton:47.9 },
    { value: 1, State: "Maryland", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:35.3,Clinton:60.5  },
    { value: 1, State: "Massachusetts", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:33.5,Clinton:60.8 },
    { value: 5, State: "Michigan", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:47.6,Clinton:47.3  },
    { value: 1, State: "Minnesota", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:45.4,Clinton:46.9 },
    { value: 5, State: "Mississippi", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:58.3,Clinton:39.7  },
    { value: 5, State: "Missouri", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:57.1,Clinton:38.0  },
    { value: 5, State: "Montana", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:56.5,Clinton:36.0 },
    { value: 5, State: "Nebraska", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:60.3,Clinton:34.0  },
    { value: 1, State: "Nevada", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:45.5,Clinton:47.9  },
    { value: 1, State: "New Hampshire", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:47.2,Clinton:47.6  },
    { value: 1, State: "New Jersey", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:41.8,Clinton:55.0},
    { value: 1, State: "New Mexico", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:40.0,Clinton:48.3  },
    { value: 1, State: "New York", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:37.5,Clinton:58.8 },
    { value: 5, State: "North Carolina", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:50.5,Clinton:46.7 },
    { value: 5, State: "North Dakota", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:64.1,Clinton:27.8 },
    { value: 5, State: "Ohio", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:52.1,Clinton:43.5 },
    { value: 5, State: "Oklahoma", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:65.3,Clinton:28.9 },
    { value: 1, State: "Oregon", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:41.1,Clinton:51.7  },
    { value: 5, State: "Pennsylvania", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:48.8,Clinton:47.6 },
    { value: 1, State: "Rhode Island", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:39.8,Clinton:55.4 },
    { value: 5, State: "South Carolina", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:54.9,Clinton:40.8 },
    { value: 5, State: "South Dakota", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:61.5,Clinton:31.7 },
    { value: 5, State: "Tennessee", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:61.1,Clinton:34.9 },
    { value: 5, State: "Texas", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:52.6,Clinton:43.4  },
    { value: 5, State: "Utah", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:45.9,Clinton:27.8  },
    { value: 1, State: "Vermont", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:39.7,Clinton:61.1  },
    { value: 1, State: "Virginia", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:45.0,Clinton:49.9 },
    { value: 1, State: "Washington", Candidate: "Clinton", Trump:4.1,Clinton:92.8  },
    { value: 5, State: "Wisconsin", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:68.7,Clinton:26.5 },
    { value: 5, State: "West Virginia", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:47.9,Clinton:46.9  },
    { value: 5, State: "Wyoming", Candidate: "Trump", Trump:70.1,Clinton:22.5  }

Provide the shapePropertyPath value as ‘name and shapeDataPath value as ‘State’. To enable the equal colormapping refer the shapeSettings.colorMapping code sample. Finally set legendSettings.visible as true.

    var shape = new
        colorMapping= new[]
         new{value="Trump", color="#D84444"},
         new{value="Clinton", color="#316DB5"}
@using Syncfusion.EJ2.Maps;
@using Syncfusion.EJ2;
<div id="control-section">
    <ejs-maps id="maps">
        <e-maps-legendsettings visible="true"></e-maps-legendsettings>
            <e-layer shapeData="ViewBag.usmap" shapeDataPath="State" shapePropertyPath="name" dataSource="ViewBag.electionData" shapeSettings="shape">
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using EJ2_Core_Application.Models;
using Newtonsoft.Json;

namespace EJ2_Core_Application.Controllers
    public class HomeController : Controller
        public IActionResult Index()
            ViewBag.usmap = GetUSMap();
            ViewBag.electionData = GetElectionData();
            return View();
        public object GetUSMap()
            string allText = System.IO.File.ReadAllText("./wwwroot/scripts/MapsData/usMap.js");
            return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(allText);
        public object GetElectionData()
            string text = System.IO.File.ReadAllText("./wwwroot/scripts/MapsData/electiondata.js");
            return JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(text);

Legend shape

To get the legend shape value for legendSettings use the shape property. You can customize the shape by using the shapeWidth and shapeHeight properties.

Refer to the API for legend feature.