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Customize the Edit Dialog in ASP.NET Core Grid control

You can customize the appearance of the edit dialog in the actionComplete event based on requestType as beginEdit or add.

In the below example, we have changed the dialog’s header text for editing and adding records.

<ejs-grid id="Grid" dataSource="@ViewBag.DataSource" actionComplete="actionComplete" toolbar="@(new List<string>() { "Add", "Edit", "Delete", "Update", "Cancel" })" allowPaging="true">
    <e-grid-editSettings allowAdding="true" allowDeleting="true" allowEditing="true" mode="Dialog"></e-grid-editSettings>
    <e-grid-pagesettings pageCount="5"></e-grid-pagesettings>
        <e-grid-column field="OrderID" headerText="Order ID" isPrimaryKey="true" validationRules="@(new { required=true})" textAlign="Right" width="120"></e-grid-column>
        <e-grid-column field="CustomerID" headerText="Customer Name" validationRules="@(new { required=true})" width="150"></e-grid-column>
        <e-grid-column field="ShipCountry" headerText="Ship Country" editType="dropdownedit" width="150"></e-grid-column>


    function actionComplete(args) {
        if ((args.requestType === 'beginEdit' || args.requestType === 'add')) {
            var dialog = args.dialog;
            dialog.height = 400;
            // change the header of the dialog
            dialog.header = args.requestType === 'beginEdit' ? 'Record of ' + args.rowData['CustomerID'] : 'New Customer';

public IActionResult Index()
    var Order = OrderDetails.GetAllRecords();
    ViewBag.DataSource = Order;
    return View();