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Globalization in ASP.NET Core DocumentEditor control


The Localization library allows you to localize default text content of the DocumentEditor. The document editor component has static text on some features (like find & replace, context-menu, dialogs) that can be changed to other cultures (Arabic, Deutsch, French, etc.) by defining the locale value and translation object.

The following list of properties and its values are used in the document editor.

Locale keywords Text
Table Table
Row Row
Cell Cell
Ok Ok
Cancel Cancel
Size Size
Preferred Width Preferred width
Points Points
Percent Percent
Measure in Measure in
Alignment Alignment
Left Left
Center Center
Right Right
Justify Justify
Indent from left Indent from left
Borders and Shading Borders and Shading
Options Options
Specify height Specify height
At least At least
Exactly Exactly
Row height is Row height is
Allow row to break across pages Allow row to break across pages
Repeat as header row at the top of each page Repeat as header row at the top of each page
Vertical alignment Vertical alignment
Top Top
Bottom Bottom
Default cell margins Default cell margins
Default cell spacing Default cell spacing
Allow spacing between cells Allow spacing between cells
Cell margins Cell margins
Same as the whole table Same as the whole table
Borders Borders
None None
Single Single
Dot Dot
DashSmallGap DashSmallGap
DashLargeGap DashLargeGap
DashDot DashDot
DashDotDot DashDotDot
Double Double
Triple Triple
ThinThickSmallGap ThinThickSmallGap
ThickThinSmallGap ThickThinSmallGap
ThinThickThinSmallGap ThinThickThinSmallGap
ThinThickMediumGap ThinThickMediumGap
ThickThinMediumGap ThickThinMediumGap
ThinThickThinMediumGap ThinThickThinMediumGap
ThinThickLargeGap ThinThickLargeGap
ThickThinLargeGap ThickThinLargeGap
ThinThickThinLargeGap ThinThickThinLargeGap
SingleWavy SingleWavy
DoubleWavy DoubleWavy
DashDotStroked DashDotStroked
Emboss3D Emboss3D
Engrave3D Engrave3D
Outset Outset
Inset Inset
Thick Thick
Style Style
Width Width
Height Height
Letter Letter
Tabloid Tabloid
Legal Legal
Statement Statement
Executive Executive
A3 A3
A4 A4
A5 A5
B4 B4
B5 B5
Custom Size Custom size
Different odd and even Different odd and even
Different first page Different first page
From edge From edge
Header Header
Footer Footer
Margin Margins
Paper Paper
Layout Layout
Orientation Orientation
Landscape Landscape
Portrait Portrait
Table Of Contents Table Of Contents
Show page numbers Show page numbers
Right align page numbers Right align page numbers
Nothing Nothing
Tab leader Tab leader
Show levels Show levels
Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers Use hyperlinks instead of page numbers
Build table of contents from Build table of contents from
Styles Styles
Available styles Available styles
TOC level TOC level
Heading Heading
List Paragraph List Paragraph
Normal Normal
Outline levels Outline levels
Table entry fields Table entry fields
Modify Modify
Color Color
Setting Setting
Box Box
All All
Custom Custom
Preview Preview
Shading Shading
Fill Fill
Apply To Apply to
Table Properties Table Properties
Cell Options Cell Options
Table Options Table Options
Insert Table Insert Table
Number of columns Number of columns
Number of rows Number of rows
Text to display Text to display
Address Address
Insert Hyperlink Insert Hyperlink
Edit Hyperlink Edit Hyperlink
Insert Insert
General General
Indentation Indentation
Before text Before text
Special Special
First line First line
Hanging Hanging
After text After text
By By
Before Before
Line Spacing Line spacing
After After
At At
Multiple Multiple
Spacing Spacing
Define new Multilevel list Define new Multilevel list
List level List level
Choose level to modify Choose level to modify
Level Level
Number format Number format
Number style for this level Number style for this level
Enter formatting for number Enter formatting for number
Start at Start at
Restart list after Restart list after
Position Position
Text indent at Text indent at
Aligned at Aligned at
Follow number with Follow number with
Tab character Tab character
Space Space
Arabic Arabic
UpRoman UpRoman
LowRoman LowRoman
UpLetter UpLetter
LowLetter LowLetter
Number Number
Leading zero Leading zero
Bullet Bullet
Ordinal Ordinal
Ordinal Text Ordinal Text
For East For East
No Restart No Restart
Font Font
Font style Font style
Underline style Underline style
Font color Font color
Effects Effects
Strikethrough Strikethrough
Superscript Superscript
Subscript Subscript
Double strikethrough Double strikethrough
Regular Regular
Bold Bold
Italic Italic
Cut Cut
Copy Copy
Paste Paste
Hyperlink Hyperlink
Open Hyperlink Open Hyperlink
Copy Hyperlink Copy Hyperlink
Remove Hyperlink Remove Hyperlink
Paragraph Paragraph
Merge Cells Merge Cells
Insert Above Insert Above
Insert Below Insert Below
Insert Left Insert Left
Insert Right Insert Right
Delete Delete
Delete Table Delete Table
Delete Row Delete Row
Delete Column Delete Column
File Name File Name
Format Type Format Type
Save Save
Navigation Navigation
Results Results
Replace Replace
Replace All Replace All
We replaced all We replaced all
Find Find
No matches No matches
All Done All Done
Result Result
of of
instances instances
with with
Click to follow link Click to follow link
Continue Numbering Continue Numbering
Bookmark name Bookmark name
Close Close
Restart At Restart At
Properties Properties
Name Name
Style type Style type
Style based on Style based on
Style for following paragraph Style for following paragraph
Formatting Formatting
Numbering and Bullets Numbering and Bullets
Numbering Numbering
Update Field Update Field
Edit Field Edit Field
Bookmark Bookmark
Page Setup Page Setup
No bookmarks found No bookmarks found
Number format tooltip information Single-level number format:
For example, “Chapter %1.” will display numbering like
Chapter 1. Item
Chapter 2. Item

Chapter N. Item

Multilevel number format:
For example, “%1.%2.” will display numbering like
1.1. Item
1.2. Item

1.N. Item
Format Format
Create New Style Create New Style
Modify Style Modify Style
New New
Bullets Bullets
Use bookmarks Use bookmarks
Table of Contents Table of Contents