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Form fields in ASP.NET Core DocumentEditor control

DocumentEditorContainer component provide support for inserting Text, CheckBox, DropDown form fields through in-built toolbar.

Form Fields

Insert form field

Form fields can be inserted using insertFormField method in editor module.

//Insert Text form field
//Insert Checkbox form field
//Insert Drop down form field

Get form field names

All the form fields names form current document can be retrieved using getFormFieldNames().

var formFieldsNames = documentEditor.getFormFieldNames();

Get form field properties

Form field properties can be retrieved using getFormFieldInfo().

//Text form field
var textfieldInfo = documentEditor.getFormFieldInfo('Text1');
//Checkbox form field
var checkboxfieldInfo = documentEditor.getFormFieldInfo('Check1');
//Dropdown form field
var dropdownfieldInfo = documentEditor.getFormFieldInfo('Drop1');

Set form field properties

Form field properties can be modified using setFormFieldInfo.

// Set text form field properties
var textfieldInfo = documentEditor.getFormFieldInfo('Text1');
textfieldInfo.defaultValue = "Hello";
textfieldInfo.format = "Uppercase";
textfieldInfo.type = "Text";

// Set checkbox form field properties
var checkboxfieldInfo = documentEditor.getFormFieldInfo('Check1');
checkboxfieldInfo.defaultValue = true;

// Set checkbox form field properties
var dropdownfieldInfo = documentEditor.getFormFieldInfo('Drop1');
dropdownfieldInfo.dropDownItems = ['One','Two', 'Three']

Export form field data

Data of the all the Form fields in the document can be exported using exportFormData.

var formFieldDate = documentEditor.exportFormData();

Import form field data

Form fields can be prefilled with data using importFormData.

var textformField = {fieldName: 'Text1', value: 'Hello World'};
var checkformField = {fieldName: 'Check1', value: true};
var dropdownformField = {fieldName: 'Drop1', value: 1};
//Import form field data

Reset form fields

Reset all the form fields in current document to default value using resetFormFields.