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Example for Attendance Tracker in ASP.NET Core XlsIO Control

This sample demonstrates how to use AttendanceTracker in spreadsheets using XlsIO.

Click the button to view an Excel spreadsheet generated by Essential XlsIO. Please note that Microsoft Excel Viewer or Microsoft Excel is required to view the resultant document.

Attendance Tracker or Attendance sheet is essential to any organization. This Attendance tracker is designed to keep one month data. In this application, Employee Name, Supervisor, Present Count, Absent Count, Leave Count, Unplanned%, Planned% and dates for a particular month are available.


Essential XlsIO supports Attendance Tracker application features. This sample demonstrates following features:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Advanced options of Excel--such as color scales, data bars
  • Number formats
  • Formulas
  • Text styles (bold, italic, underline, font name, and font color)