Example of Multiline TextBox in ASP.NET Core TextBox Control

This example demonstrates the multiline functionalities of the textbox control. Enter or fill the textbox with multiple rows of text. Choose the corresponding option from the property panel to update the multiline textbox.

Float Label Type
Read only

The Multiline Textbox is used to edit or display multiple lines of text that helps you to accept address, description, comments, feedbacks, and more in a form. In this sample, rendered multiline textbox from textarea tag and the following options are available to customize it:

  • Choose float label types either 'Never', 'Always', or 'Auto' to float the placeholder text.
  • To make a read-only multiline textbox, check the "read-only" option.
  • Disable the textbox by unchecking an "enabled" option.
  • Change the number of rows count to restrict the length of the input.

Note: After resizing the multiline textbox manually, the selected rows option from the property panel is not updated to the multiline textbox.

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