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Example of Default Functionalities in ASP.NET Core Scheduler Control

This demo showcases how the flat Scheduler looks like with its default set of minimal configurations. Here, some of the documentary shows are displayed as events parallel to its relevant telecast timings. The show names are given as event's subject and simply notified of the start and end of it.


The ASP.NET Core Scheduler, a.k.a. event calendar, facilitates almost all calendar features, thus allowing users to manage their time efficiently. It features easy resource scheduling, appointments rescheduling through editor pop-ups, drag and drop, and a resizing action. It includes wide variety of view modes with unique configuration options for each view. The available view modes are listed below, out of which the Week view is set as active.

  • Day
  • Week
  • Work Week
  • Month
  • Agenda
  • Month Agenda
  • Timeline Day
  • Timeline Week
  • Timeline Work Week
  • Timeline Month

To navigate between views and dates, the navigation options are available at the Scheduler header bar and the active view option is highlighted by default. The date range of the active view will also be displayed in the header bar, clicking on which will open a calendar popup for ease of desired date selection.

Touch actions on Mobile mode

Action Description
Single Tap
  1. Single tapping on events, opens the popup showing event information
  2. Single tapping on cells, will display a “+” icon on the cell. Again tapping on it will open the new event editor.
Tap hold
  1. Tap holding on cells, opens the new event editor.
  2. Tap holding on events, opens a small popup at the top holding the options to edit or delete and also displays the selected event's subject. As a continuation of this action, if user keeps on single tapping on other events, it will allow the multiple event selection. Also, the previous popup remains in opened state, showing the count of the number of events selected.
  3. Tap hold the event and try moving it over the scheduler to enable drag and drop action.
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