Example of Agenda View in ASP.NET Core Scheduler Control

This demo showcases the agenda view and the configurations available in it.


In this demo, Agenda view is set as active view on Scheduler and made its allowVirtualScrolling option as false. With this settings, the Agenda view loads the initial data for the next 7 days count from the date value assigned to the selectedDate property of the Schedule. The initial data loading for 7 days count is due to the default value assigned to the agendaDaysCount property which can be customized as per the user needs.

When the allowVirtualScrolling property is set to true, the user is allowed to scroll through all the events simply by scrolling up and down upto the last event available in Schedule.

By default, the days which doesn't have any events will be hidden on this view - but by setting hideEmptyAgendaDays property to false will allow the No Events text to be displayed against the dates that has no events.

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