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Example of Overview in ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor Control

This sample demonstrates the full features of Rich Text Editor that includes all the tools and functionalities.


This sample used Code mirror plugins helps to highlight the HTML content and when changes happens in code view, the same has been reflected in preview mode.

The editor’s toolbar contains commands to format the content. The toolbar consists of:

  • Lists - NumberFormat list and BulletFormat list types.
  • Links - A hyperlink can be inserted into the editor for quick access to related information.
  • Image - Inserts and manages images.
  • Table - Inserts and manages Tables.
  • Alignment - Aligns the content with left, center, and right margins.
  • Undo/Redo - Allows undo/redo operations.
  • Indent/ Outdent - Increases/decreases the indent level of the content.
  • Font - Able to do styling on text like font family, size, fore color and background color.
  • Lower / Upper case – Changes the casing of the selected text.
  • SubScript / SuperScript - Makes the selected text as subscript (lower)/superscript(upper).
  • FullScreen - Stretches the editor to the maximum width and height of the browser window.
  • Format – Formats the sentence in different ways such as heading level, quotation, and code snippet
  • Styles – Allows you to apply inline styles to the selected content like bold, italic, and more.
  • Insert Code - Allows you to apply code format to the selected parent nodes. In the above sample, the style for the code format ('pre' tag) is applied by adding the background color.
  • Insert Emoticon - Inserts the emoticon to the editor
  • Audio - Inserts and manages audios.
  • Video - Inserts and manages videos.
  • Format Painter - The Format Painter feature allows you to copy the formats and apply them to content without formatting thus saving time to reformat the content.
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