Example of API in ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor Control

This sample demonstrate the usage of API in Rich Text Editor, use the properties panel to change the maximum length, read only mode, disable status, to get value, enable HTML encode, select all content and get selected HTML from the Rich Text Editor.

Max Length
Enable HTML Encode

In this demos, Ensuring the API'S behavious by doing

  • Change the value of maxLength textbox to change maximum Length of character.
  • Click the readOnly check box to enable/disable editable and non-editable mode of the RTE.
  • Click the enabled check box to enable/disable the RTE component.
  • Click the enableHtmlEncode check box to enableHtmlEncode/disableHtmlEncode the RTE component.
  • Click the getValue button which shows the RTE values in the alert window.
  • Click the getSelection button which shows the selectedText in the alert window.
  • Click the selectAll button selecting all text content in the RTE.
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