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Example of Default Functionalities in ASP.NET Core Numeric Textbox Control

This sample demonstrates the default functionalities of the Numeric TextBox. Type a value in the input element to change the value dynamically, or press up/down arrow button to increase/decrease the value with a predefined step value.

Numeric TextBox
Percentage TextBox
Currency TextBox

The NumericTextBox provides an option to customize the display format of the numeric value using the format property. It accepts the standard numeric format string and custom numeric format string as specified in MSDN. The formatted value displays when the component is not focused.

The NumericTextBox component is used to get the number inputs from the user. The input values can be increased or decreased with a predefined step value.

In this demo, the default NumericTextBox is rendered with the percent and currency formats as specified in MSDN.

More information about NumericTextBox can be found in this documentation section .