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Example of Default Functionalities in ASP.NET Core MultiSelect Dropdown Control

This sample demonstrates the default functionalities of the MultiSelect in ASP.NET CORE application. Type a character in the MultiSelect element or click on this element to choose one or more items from the suggestion list.


Default Mode

Box Mode

Delimiter Mode

The MultiSelect component contains a list of predefined values, from that the user can choose a multiple values.

In this sample, the selected items are shown with three different UI modes in three different MultiSelect elements. That three UI modes are listed here below,

  • Default - on focus-in, the component will act in box mode and on blur, the component will act in delimiter mode.
  • Box - selected items will be visualized in chip.
  • Delimiter - selected items will be visualized in text content.

More information on the MultiSelect instantiation can be found in the documentation section.