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Example of Frozen API in ASP.NET Core Data Grid Control

This sample demonstrates the frozen rows and columns feature of the Grid. Scroll the movable content horizontally to view the frozen and fixed columns, vertically to view the frozen rows with the content.

Column Name
Freeze Direction

This feature enables users to freeze certain columns at specific positions. This can be achieved by setting the freeze property of column settings. The various modes are:

  • Left : Freezes the column at the left.
  • Right : Freezes the column at the right.
  • Center : Freezes the column at the center.
  • Fixed : Freezes the column at a fixed position. This will ensure its visibility while scrolling horizontally.

In this demo sample, the Order ID column is frozen at the left, the Customer ID column is frozen at the right and the Ship Address column at a fixed position using column->freeze property.

More information on the frozen rows and columns can be found in this documentation section.