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Example for Dialog Template in ASP.NET Core Data Grid Control

This sample demonstrates CRUD operations in Grid with Dialog Template. You can perform CRUD operations as follows,

  • Add - To add new record, click Add toolbar button
  • Edit - To edit record, double click a row or click toolbar Edit button after selected a row
  • Delete - To delete record, click toolbar Delete button after selected a row
  • Update,Cancel - You can save or discard changes by click toolbar Update and Cancel button respectively

The Grid supports CRUD operations. This CRUD operations can be configured in Grid using editSettings .

In this demo, Dialog template is enabled for editing by defining editSettings.mode as Dialog and editSettings.template as SCRIPT element`s ID which holds the template. You can start editing by double clicking a row or clicking on toolbar's Edit button, then the currently selected row will be shown on a dialog with custom elements and you can change the row values and save edited data to the datasource.